涟漪 Ripples

ripple 概览


Connect user input to screen reactions by using ripples to both indicate the point of touch, and to confirm that touch input was received. For touch or mouse, this occurs at the point of contact.

属性型指令 matRipple 定义了一个区域,当和用户交互时,该区域就会播放一个涟漪动画。

The matRipple attribute directive defines an area in which a ripple animates on user interaction.

<div matRipple [matRippleColor]="myColor">

默认情况下,当 matRipple 指令的宿主元素收到鼠标或触摸事件时,就会激活一个涟漪。当按下时,一个涟漪就会从接触点出现并逐渐消失,其辐射范围会覆盖宿主元件。当释放鼠标或结束触摸时,其涟漪就会淡出。

By default, a ripple is activated when the host element of the matRipple directive receives mouse or touch events. Upon being pressed, a ripple will begin fading in from the point of contact, radiating to cover the host element. Each ripple will fade out only upon release of the mouse or touch.

还可以获得对 MatRipple 指令的引用并调用其 launch 方法,以编程的方式触发涟漪。

Ripples can also be triggered programmatically by getting a reference to the MatRipple directive and calling its launch method.

默认情况下,当指令的宿主元素有交互时,涟漪会淡入。在某些情况下,开发人员可能希望在与另一个元素的交互中显示涟漪,但仍希望把这些涟漪在特定的位置播放。要做到这一点,可以为 matRippleTrigger 选项指定那个元素的 HTMLElement 引用。

By default ripples will fade in on interaction with the directive's host element. In some situations, developers may want to show ripples on interaction with some other element, but still want to have the ripples placed in another location. This can be done by specifying the matRippleTrigger option that expects a reference to an HTMLElement.

  <div matRipple [matRippleTrigger]="trigger" class="my-ripple-container">
    <!-- This is the ripple container, but not the trigger element for ripples. -->

  <div #trigger></div>

通过引用 MatRipple 指令,可以用编程的方式显示涟漪。

Ripples can be shown programmatically by getting a reference to the MatRipple directive.

class MyComponent {

  /** Reference to the directive instance of the ripple. */
  @ViewChild(MatRipple) ripple: MatRipple;

  /** Shows a centered and persistent ripple. */
  launchRipple() {
    const rippleRef = this.ripple.launch({
      persistent: true,
      centered: true

    // Fade out the ripple later.

在上面的例子中,并没有传递特定的坐标,因为涟漪的 centered 选项已设置为 true,这时坐标就无关紧要了。

In the example above, no specific coordinates have been passed, because the centered ripple option has been set to true and the coordinates would not matter.

那些以编程方式触发的涟漪可以通过 persistent 选项来启动。这意味着涟漪将不会自动淡出,而是需要使用 RippleRef 来让它淡出(这对焦点指示器很有用)。

Ripples that are being dispatched programmatically can be launched with the persistent option. This means that the ripples will not fade out automatically, and need to be faded out using the RippleRef (useful for focus indicators).

如果开发人员希望在该元素内的指定坐标处启动涟漪,那么 launch() 方法也会接受 xy 坐标作为参数。这些坐标是相对于该涟漪的容器元素的。

In case, developers want to launch ripples at specific coordinates within the element, the launch() method also accepts x and y coordinates as parameters. Those coordinates are relative to the ripple container element.

const rippleRef = this.ripple.launch(10, 10, {persistent: true});


Developers are able to specify options for all ripples inside of their application.


The speed of the ripples can be adjusted and the ripples can be disabled globally as well.

可以通过设置 MAT_RIPPLE_GLOBAL_OPTIONS 提供符来指定全局的涟漪选项。

Global ripple options can be specified by setting the MAT_RIPPLE_GLOBAL_OPTIONS provider.

const globalRippleConfig: RippleGlobalOptions = {
  disabled: true,
  animation: {
    enterDuration: 300,
    exitDuration: 0

  providers: [
    {provide: MAT_RIPPLE_GLOBAL_OPTIONS, useValue: globalRippleConfig}

所有可用的全局选项都能在 RippleGlobalOptions 接口中找到。

All available global options can be seen in the RippleGlobalOptions interface.

使用全局选项 animation 可以禁用涟漪的动画。如果 enterDurationexitDuration 被设置为 0,那么当出现涟漪时就不会产生任何动画。

The animation of ripples can be disabled by using the animation global option. If the enterDuration and exitDuration is being set to 0, ripples will just appear without any animation.

这在与全局选项 disabled 共同出现的时候特别有用,因为全局禁用涟漪不会影响焦点指示器的涟漪效果。如果出于性能原因,有人仍要禁用这些涟漪,那么可以把持续时间设置为 0,以消除涟漪效果。

This is specifically useful in combination with the disabled global option, because globally disabling ripples won't affect the focus indicator ripples. If someone still wants to disable those ripples for performance reasons, the duration can be set to 0, to remove the ripple feel.

const globalRippleConfig: RippleGlobalOptions = {
  disabled: true,
  animation: {
    enterDuration: 0,
    exitDuration: 0

注意:如果正在使用 NoopAnimationsModule 涟漪也不会有动画。这意味着不必考虑 animation 配置中的持续时间。

Note: Ripples will also have no animation if the NoopAnimationsModule is being used. This also means that the durations in the animation configuration won't be taken into account.

Material Design 规范中所展示的涟漪淡出有两种不同的动画行为。

There are two different animation behaviors for the fade-out of ripples shown in the Material Design specifications.


By default, all ripples will start fading out if the mouse or touch is released and the enter animation completed. The second possible behavior, which is also shown in the specifications, is that ripples start to fade out immediately on mouse or touch release.

在某些情况下,开发人员可能更喜欢覆盖默认行为,并希望 Angular Material 也这样做。这时可以通过指定全局选项 terminateOnPointerUp 来激活第二种行为。

In some scenarios, developers might prefer that behavior over the default and would like to have the same for Angular Material. This behavior can be activated by specifying the terminateOnPointerUp global ripple option.

const globalRippleConfig: RippleGlobalOptions = {
  terminateOnPointerUp: true

要想在运行时更改全局的 ripple 选项,只需要注入 MAT_RIPPLE_GLOBAL_OPTIONS 提供者并更新所需的选项。

To change global ripple options at runtime, just inject the MAT_RIPPLE_GLOBAL_OPTIONS provider and update the desired options.

有多种注入全局选项的方式。为了便于在运行时注入和更新选项,我们建议你创建一个实现 RippleGlobalOptions 接口的服务。

There are various ways of injecting the global options. In order to make it easier to inject and update options at runtime, it's recommended to create a service that implements the RippleGlobalOptions interface.

@Injectable({providedIn: 'root'})
export class AppGlobalRippleOptions implements RippleGlobalOptions {
  /** Whether ripples should be disabled globally. */
  disabled: boolean = false;
  providers: [
    {provide: MAT_RIPPLE_GLOBAL_OPTIONS, useExisting: AppGlobalRippleOptions},
export class MyModule {...}

既然全局的 ripple 选项被设置为了我们可以注入的服务,那么该服务可以在运行时更新任何全局的 ripple 选项。

Now that the global ripple options are set to a service we can inject, the service can be used update any global ripple option at runtime.

export class MyComponent {
  constructor(private _appRippleOptions: AppGlobalRippleOptions) {}

  disableRipples() {
    this._appRippleOptions.disabled = true;